Vehicle Fleet Expert explains what matters after Corona

Andreas Egger, former fleet manager at Austrian Post, explained in a webinar by the Fuhrparkverband Austria how fleet managers can save money and time thanks to fleet management software and adapt better to new trends and requirements.

Fleet Expert Andreas Egger explains, what to look out for when choosing a Fleet Management Software.
The Fuhrparkverband Austria (FVA) invited its members and fleet managers to a webinar on November 19, 2020 with the title “Hard Facts Thanks to Software”. The topic was presented by Andreas Egger, a speaker who knows the work with and without suitable tools himself: As a former fleet manager of the Austrian Post, Andreas Egger was responsible for 2,900 vehicles and a budget of 20 million Euros.

Egger started work at his former employer with a variety of special software. But he qickly became aware that ultimately, working with solutions that are too specialized is just as undesirable as working with Excel.
If you are working with multiple software solutions that are each good for only one task, you have x different internal experts, x different external contacts, different file formats, you can only search data to a limited extent and not automatically evaluate it. Plus, you can employ several people just with the effort of manual data maintenance for all programs.

Fleet management software unlocks new potential

While the value of clarity and transparency in fleet management is often underestimated, Andreas Egger recommends just that: a versatile standard software that enables fleet managers to operate as many tasks as possible via a central user interface. Mobility managers who are primarily looking to save time and money should turn their attention to software-supported controlling to unlock new potential. 

But the expert not only emphasized the savings that are now possible through the introduction of a fleet management software.
Good fleet management software automates processes that are particularly time-consuming. This means that fleet managers finally have the opportunity to think strategically, analyze and plan ahead and also tackle new projects. With good fleet management software, you have the tools you need to make your vehicle fleet more environmentally friendly, to motivate employees, to improve safety and to intelligently integrate new mobility offers in the future. It is therefore worthwhile to compare carefully.

How to choose the right fleet management software

Egger gave the fleet managers four mnemonics to help them choose the right fleet management software:
  1. Choose software that can do multiple tasks! Reducing the number of applications increases security, simplifies work and saves time.
  2. Pay attention to compatibility! With bidirectional interfaces, all data is always automatically synchronized to the current status for all applications.
  3. The software should adapt to your needs! Use expandable standard software that can be adapted at no additional cost (columns, fields, VAT, etc.).
  4. Think about tomorrow today! Make use of providers who can offer you more than what you need at the moment. Maybe you´ll need it in the medium term.

Innovative fleet management software by community4you

A lot is likely to change in the next few years, and not just on the vehicle fleet side. Software providers such as community4you AG are also working on new products that will change vehicle fleet management in the long term: the award-winning vehicle fleet management software comm.fleet is already one of the most innovative products on the European market. It is based on the specially developed open-EIS integration platform and meets the highest standards in performance, safety and ease of use. With its modular design, fleet managers can create tailor-made solutions for their needs. At the same time, thanks to the large number of modules, the entire workflow in the vehicle fleet can be mapped from a single source - from procurement to remarketing. The data is always synchronized for all applications. All processes and documents in the fleet are accessed via a central dashboard. The community4you software is available both as an on-premise solution and as software as a service. With a cloud solution, fleet managers can also access all fleet resources mobile and from their home office.

For the future, community4you will, among other things, focus on the data from the vehicle onboard systems: Modern vehicles are already being equipped with hundreds of sensors that collect all sort of data. They are then being transferred to the manufacturers for research purposes. With the appropriate licenses and with the help of interfaces, this data could also be made available for fleet management without additional hardware.
Having data is of no value in itself. Only those who can evaluate and interpret data can benefit from it. This is exactly what you need good software for. Good fleet management software could, for example, automatically forward error messages from the vehicle. Then the fleet manager could schedule a maintenance appointment directly. In this way, damage is repaired quickly before major repairs arise and without major downtimes.
In addition, the manufacturer of fleet management software community4you wants to support fleet managers and mobility managers even more in the future by automating additional complex processes. With the help of optical character recognition, data should be read out from forms quickly and without great effort. Artificial intelligence could then e.g. assign fine notices to the responsible drivers. And the technology also makes it possible that in future all invoices can be automatically compared to match cost estimates, catalog prices, etc. This will make it possible for the first time to have all invoices verified. Fleet management software could then even by assigned to automatically book invoices.