Long Distance Swimmer Joseph Heß

The Elbe swimmer wants to take on the Rhine

Dr. Joseph Heß is an economist and project manager of the TUClab - an institution of the Chemnitz University of Technology and the Sächsische Aufbaubank to support and promote start-ups in the Chemnitz region.

Hess has an extraordinary hobby: During 24-hour swimming events he discovered his special talent for long-distance swimming. However, swimming laps in an ordinary pool was soon no longer enough for him. Since then he has swum the Strait of Gibraltar, Lake Constance, the German part of the Elbe from Bad Schandau to Hamburg, as well as the stretch from Sardinia to Corsica.

His interest in special and record-breaking long stretches is also reflected in his Rhine project: in 2022 he did swim the Rhine from its source to its mouth in only 25 days, setting a new record. On the 1,230 km he was accompanied by a team of friends and family who look after him, motivate him, take care of food, accommodation, etc.
To achieve something extraordinary, it takes more than talent and skills. As a start-up consultant, Dr Hess knows from his career how important, above all, will, ambition, passion and character are. I was convinced that he has what it takes - both, the essential hardware and software, so to speak - to conquer the Rhine! The fact that he was able to overcome health problems and technical difficulties on his way, fought his way through and always remained positive is - in addition to his sporting success - an outstanding achievement.