Digitalisation in Fleet Management

community4you AG relies on the intelligence of fleet management software - an interview with „Flottenmanagement” magazine.

Digitalisation in fleet management: community4you AG relies on the intelligence of fleet management software - an interview with „Flottenmanagement” magazine

The tasks of a fleet manager are quite extensive. In addition to managing the pool vehicles, they also assign vehicles, coordinate maintenance and driver support, and manage insurance, leasing, buying and selling vehicles.
And that's just a small assortment. Therefore, being able to count on the support of a branch specific software comes very handy.

Lavinio Cerquetti, Vice President of community4you AG
Fleet managers conduct their tasks centrally, remotely, locally, internationally or transnationally. Irrespective of how a company is structured, our fleet management software adapts to the most various organisational structures and sectors.
In an everyday life dominated by data, clear data-flow patterns can simply be created from the tracks we leave behind on the smartphone. The same applies to electronic logbooks. But which system is suitable for which purpose? Today, electronic logbooks directly connected with the vehicle with a black box or an OBD plug, powered by a GPS signal and able to communicate using a mobile phone card are much more frequently accepted by the tax authorities than paper logbooks. Uwe Bauch, managing director of community4you, explains the case for the electronic solution:
Uwe Bauch, President - community4you AG
The data collected during a ride are automatically transmitted to the digital logbook and can be managed in our fleet management software comm.fleet. The driver's logbook works flawlessly, error-free and is forgery-proof. Each trip is recorded as soon as the ignition is switched on. All common prerequisites for tax recognition are thereby covered.