Vehicle procurement with software

The trade magazine bfp Fuhrpark & Management highlights the various facettes of efficient and affordable vehicle procurement for vehicle fleets in its 1/2020 issue.

Vehicle procurement made simple with an Interview with bfp fuhrpark + management magazine

It argues that fleet managers now have to adapt not only to the changing requirements of users but also to different types of customer agreements with dealers, consulting and service quality levels and many other factors. There are also difficulties with discounts and differences between independent importers and re-importers.

As a possible solution, bfp focuses on online vehicle markets and purchasing groups, which offer a comprehensive overview and the most up-to-date information. Hereby the positive effects of - the vehicle procurement software from the product line of community4you AG - are also highlighted.

We gave the bfp Fuhrpark & Management editorial team a detailed interview with our management board members Uwe Bauch, Lavinio Cerquetti and Janko Nebel shortly before publishing the article. Some details are quoted in the bfp text. Here we post the complete interview:

Janko Nebel, Uwe Bauch, Lavinio Cerquetti, Board of Directors - community4you AG

What can procurement software do, and what canĀ“t it do?

If we look at the usual car configurators, for example, they are often suitable for a single function: configuration. For those who need to leverage further vehicle data and manage entire fleets - especially fleet managers in larger companies and organizations - that is a major challenge. as the configuration is only the first step of a complex process. This is why we have developed a specific software product based on our proprietary integration platform open-EIS: This software supports the entire workflow from the manufacturer-independent vehicle configuration, calculation with individual parameters, the approval procedure based on different car policies right up to the ordering process and if necessary can be further customised. Thanks to interfaces we can automatically transfer the newly generated vehicle and contract data from to our leasing software and our fleet management software comm.fleet. In addition, our software can be integrated into the customer's own premises as well as into various cloud solutions.

Which possibilities can procurement software leverage?

It was obvious to us: good procurement software must be particularly oriented to the customer's requirements for maximum transparency, cost control and customisability. We offer a flexible software solution that can be adapted to changing needs and processes even without programming knowledge. This also saves time. Time that fleet managers can use to analyse data and develop strategies to make even better use of potential resources. Our customers continue to benefit from the advantages of our proprietary open-EIS platform: internationality with different languages and country-specific parametrisation, user-friendliness, data security, scalability and responsivity for mobile access to our services - are just a few examples.

How can procurement software mirror different price/performance ratios of procurement sources and different fleet requirements?

Thanks to our software, fleet managers can use a single user interface to define individual authorisation categories according to salary class, car policies, leasing providers and much more. The self-configured approval procedures are not only entirely digital but also multi-client capable. The vehicle users - including, e.g. in subsidiaries - can then pick out their preferred vehicle from the options available to them and configure it depending on the predefined parameters. The offers are calculated in real-time. Different contract periods and financing patterns can be compared - and the best offer can be identified through multi-bidding. This not only saves users a lot of time but also helps them to save money. They always keep track of the entire order process and optimise their budget using various comparison options.

What is your perception of the current status of the procurement market?

The market is getting increasingly international, and the product offers are numerous. This big competition, offers companies and organizations great potential for saving and optimizing. Simultaneously, demands for new car usage forms and new mobility concepts are growing, such as short-term rentals and car-sharing. As a result, decision-makers, such as fleet managers need to stay on track. With our integrated software solution, we provide them with a tool to master these ever-changing requirements.