Fleet Management Software helps reducing costs

The trade journal „Flottenmanagement“ addresses a question of how data and processes in the fleet can be effectively managed in its issue 3/2020.

The fleet management software comm.fleet helps fleet managers to save costs

It is almost impossible to estimate the importance of data processing, data administration and data security in modern fleet management. Particularly in fleets with a large number of drivers and vehicles, the data flood can only be controlled with special software. The trade journal „Flottenmanagement“ therefore takes a closer look at fleet management software in its article „Tangible relief“ and explains how the systems can help fleet managers.

The article states that when it comes to selecting software, fleet managers should look for customised solutions that can be flexibly configured for specific processes and requirements, such as a flexible car policy management. On the other hand, fleet managers should not only consider their current requirements but also keep an eye on future evolutions.

However, according to the authors, a good fleet software is not only a means of facilitation. Functions such as the automated report generation or the reporting of outliers help to identify cost drivers and reduce costs.

The fleet management software comm.fleet developed by community4you offers several solutions for these challenges. The modules for fleet management, leasing management, object and asset management, vehicle procurement, vehicle tracking and apps for fleet users can be customised, integrated, scaled and extended as required.

Here we publish the whole interview of the „Flottenmanagement“ editorial team with our board of directors:

Uwe Bauch, Lavinio Cerquetti, Board of directors - community4you AG

What are the advantages of fleet management software?

The advantage of fleet management software lies in the networking of data and the automation of processes: Many enterprises are still using small-scale solutions - completely self-contained programs, which are only suitable for a single task. Likewise in the fleet world, separate solutions for claims management, workshop management, cost management, warehouse and component management, procurement process, tyre and driver management, processing of fines and invoices, corporate car sharing and many others still prevail. The modular software packages of community4you AG can map all these tasks in a networked system with a single central user interface and can also integrate existing programs intelligently. All data can be synchronised for all systems. This creates transparency, reduces effort and helps to reduce costs.

What do you think are the main reasons for investing in fleet management software? Which modules are requested the most by fleet managers?

Companies decide to implement a (new) fleet management software for various reasons: First and foremost, of course, is the cost pressure. The companies have recognised that mobility is one of the biggest cost drives. Managing a vehicle fleet in an economically efficient way requires special know-how and appropriate tools - and you can't do that with Excel. But there are also other reasons - because new business sectors are being established and demands are increasing, because the vehicle fleet is growing and administration is devouring more and more resources, because new mobility strategies do not correspond to the pre-defined framework of the old systems, because new tools and methods are needed to achieve new goals (such as saving CO2) - or, of course, because of cost pressure. Often, various factors interact.

Our fleet management software comm.fleet and our leasing management software comm.lease are highly demanded solutions for the core business of fleet management. These modules offer a wide range of functions that cover most requirements - and can be customised according to your individual needs.

However, we also notice that companies are increasingly asking for the support and integration of alternative mobility concepts. This raises new challenges for service providers like community4you. The spotlight is shifting from a bare administration system to mobile applications that are accessible to customers, employees and partners. That' s what we recognise from the increasing interest in our comm.mobile web app with integrated vehicle configurator and corporate car sharing.

How important is the growing integration of vehicles with the outside environment (V2X) and artificial intelligence for the further development of fleet management software? What potentials are available here?

The new systems bear a lot of optimisation potentials: more security and less accidental damages for instance, or  better route planning, with which vehicles reach their destination faster and cheaper. For legal reasons alone, we should accept that most of the latest assistance systems will not function fully automated in the near future, but can only support the driver. Thus, individual driving behaviour will continue to be the main issue. This is where it is worth taking a close look as a fleet manager: can drivers cope with all systems correctly? Do they adjust their driving manner? Do they make use of the technical potentials?

To be able to evaluate this, fleet managers need more than just data - for which we can provide new interfaces if required. They need a system that can simply expand as new parameters are added and still provide an optimal overview with reports that support controlling. This is what our fleet software can DO.

Which interfaces are especially important for your customers? What are the reasons?

Interfaces are very important for our customers for two reasons: First, solutions that are already in use should be merged into a networked whole system for maximum transparency. Secondly, the processes are interlinked and data need to be transferred automatically from one process to the next for an efficient workflow - for example, from fleet management to financial accounting. This allows processes to be automated and workflows to be optimised, especially for large vehicle fleets, which normally require an enormous amount of work. Interfaces for the billing of leasing contracts, fuel cards or tolls are currently in high demand. Aside from the simple submission of invoices and other documents, we are now able to carry out an automated target-actual comparison and support the approval process with artificial intelligence. Thanks to our  proprietary open-EIS integration platform almost anything is possible.