Tomorrow's mobility is networked.

community4you presents its award-winning fleet management software and leasing management software from September 15th to 16th in Düsseldorf at the "FLOTTE!" trade fair for fleet management.

Meet the fleet management software manufacturer community4you at the FLOTTE! 2021
The return to personal encounters with customers, partners and colleagues at trade fair events has been eagerly awaited. After a compulsory break, the gathering of the vehicle fleet industry on September 15 and 16 in Düsseldorf should turn out all the more exciting: The trade fair “FLOTTE! The industry meeting “will be the most important date for experts in corporate mobility in German-speaking countries in 2021. The event program is filling up, numerous exhibitors have announced their arrival - among them the leading manufacturer of fleet management software and leasing management software community4you.

Always on the cutting edge

For community4you, 2021 is a special year in many ways. The fleet software provider celebrates its 20th company anniversary. Perhaps the greatest gift: In a scientific selection process, community4you's particular innovative strength was determined and awarded the Top 100 seal.
Uwe Bauch, President - community4you AG
Corporate mobility is constantly changing. Yesterday the drivers all had a company car and the vehicle files were on the shelf of the fleet manager. Tomorrow's mobility will be completely different. Needs-based, digitized, data-driven, networked. Not only are new technologies required, but completely new mobility concepts. However, this is not a problem for our customers. They can rely on our fleet management software and leasing management software to support them in managing, optimizing and strategically developing their fleet. And thanks to our innovative strength, we can match every trend with new modules and regular updates - so our software has no expiry date.

The change in the vehicle fleet is a challenge for everyone involved. With the fleet management software, leasing management software and the other products of the comm.fleet family, we give the responsible fleet managers the professional tools they need to actively shape this change.
Another highlight is still to come in 2021: community4you wants to target new customer groups with a new product. The focus is on smaller fleets with their special requirements for fleet management software.

Flexibility is the key

The new tasks of corporate mobility management increasingly include the integration of electric vehicles, e-scooters, external services such as car subscriptions, short-term rentals and much more. By setting up flexible mobility budgets, employees can decide for themselves which means of transport they want to use and when - a model that it is more oriented towards the acute need for mobility and thus offers more flexibility.
Lavinio Cerquetti, Vice President - community4you AG
Today there are many ways of ensuring mobility - owned vehicles, rental vehicles, sharing services, public transport, etc. In order to determine which is the fastest, cheapest, most ecological solution in each individual case, the employees must be directly involved. With we offer mobile fleet and leasing applications for drivers, customers and partners. Trips can be planned on your own smartphone, optimized with the help of artificial intelligence and vehicles can be booked directly - of course, always in accordance with the individually given policy.

But there is still potential in the owned vehicles that remain an integral part of the fleet. Today, new vehicles not only collect data such as tire pressure, fuel levels, mileage or wear as standard, but also automatically send this to the manufacturer for research purposes. We can make this data usable via interfaces. In this way, for example, expensive damage can be avoided and downtimes can be minimized.

All functions from a single source

The basis of the fleet management software, leasing management software and all software products of the comm.fleet family is the open-EIS integration platform specially developed by community4you. It enables particularly powerful, safe and user-friendly systems to be set up. The networking of data and processes enables extensive automation, detailed analyzes and process optimization.

It is also unique that with the software modules of the comm.fleet product family, all tasks of modern vehicle fleet management can be controlled from a single source and from a single central user interface: from vehicle procurement to remarketing. Where existing systems are to be built on instead, comm.fleet can also intelligently network isolated solutions from third-party providers through numerous interfaces. This eliminates the need for double data management.

The software products of the comm.fleet family are suitable for fleets of all sizes and vehicles of all types. So even fleet managers who take their first step out of Excel are also in good hands here and can benefit from the expertise of the market leader community4you. Due to the modular structure and extensive customizing options, the standard software is individually adapted to the needs and conditions of each customer. And the software remains changeable: Customers can create, adapt and rename columns and fields independently at any time, free of charge and without any special IT knowledge. No special hardware requirements are necessary to use the community4you software: the comm.fleet modules can either be installed on premise or accessed as software as a service from anywhere in the cloud. So vehicle fleets can even be managed from the home office if required.

See for yourself!

Take the opportunity and find out more from about the award-winning comm.fleet product line, which consists of the following compatible products:

comm.fleet - fleet management software - leasing management software - mobile fleet and leasing applications - vehicle procurement software
comm.object - object and asset management software
comm.gps - telematics software and vehicle data

Have we piqued your interest? Then contact us. We would be happy to show you our software products live at the "FLOTTE!"

Fleet! The industry meeting (trade fair)

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 9 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Messe Düsseldorf, Am Staad, 40474 Düsseldorf
Hall 6 - Stand No. F20-G21