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In 2021, community4you celebrates its 20th company anniversary. Here the company gives insights into the fundamentals of its success, looks back on important milestones and ahead to new trends.

The fleet software manufacturer community4you is celebrating its 20th company anniversary in 2021

A small Revolution

It all started with a small revolution: Uwe Bauch and Janko Nebel founded community4you in 2001. Their business idea was to develop their own enterprise information system on which various software products should later be built, just like building blocks that are placed on a foundation. What sounds logical at first is actually unique. So far, only the leading global software giants Microsoft, Apple, IBM or SAP have taken on the task of developing their own platforms. Medium-sized software developers usually build their software on the standards of this elite - not so community4you.

The simple or the best Way

Janko Nebel, Vice President - community4you AG
Building on existing platforms is the easy but not the best way. As a private user, you already know: Some software products only ever run on a certain operating system to begin with. And even if this operating system is then updated or a new version is installed, you are likely losing certain functionalities over time. In some cases for instance, old file formats are no longer supported. After a certain period, the user often has no choice but to buy new software because it is simply no longer compatible. In the consumer sector, we have largely accepted that today. The technology is very fast moving anyway. However, for companies, organizations and public administrations that require special business software, this is not a reasonable option. Companies must be able to rely on the fact that their processes function smoothly and that larger investments in extremely secure and powerful IT systems will pay off in the long term. So we had to take that into our own hands.

Perfect Fit for Vehicle Fleets

The community4you platform, called open EIS, ensures that the software products based on it can be used in practically any modern IT environment, regardless of the operating system. May it be on premise, as software as a service from the cloud, from multi or hybrid cloud environments. And because community4you customers receive platform and software applications from a single source, individual configurations are possible that would be inconceivable using third-party platforms. Fields and columns can even be edited and created by the users without additional costs and without special IT knowledge. Every standard software is highly personalized and maps company processes exactly.

The success of open EIS was the reason for the company's rapid rise: After the first software products for the area of ​​trade fair management, ticket management and a commitment in the area of ​​educational software, the big breakthrough came in the area of ​​vehicle fleet software.

There is a huge need for networking data and small-scale processes, especially in larger vehicle fleets. With the comm.fleet product line, community4you offers a modular software kit that, if required, facilitates all processes from vehicle procurement to remarketing from a single source and is controlled from a single central dashboard. This is where open EIS unfolds its full potential - and continues to be the basis for community4you's technological lead over other providers.