community4you brings relief supplies to Ukraine

In view of the situation in Ukraine, some employees of community4you founded an association to bring relief supplies to the war-torn country. Community4you supports this project with donations in kind worth around 15,000 euros.

community4you brings relief supplies to Ukraine
Uwe Bauch, President - community4you AG
The suffering of the people in Ukraine moves us all here. We also have personal connections to the country through our employees. We are determined to help. The Ukraine is not far away - that's why we pitch in ourselves. We will drive the relief supplies to the Ukrainian border in two minibuses. It is a personal concern for me to come along myself.
On Saturday, March 5th, 2022, two minibuses will leave Chemnitz to bring food, hygiene items and medicine to the Polish/Ukrainian border. The focus of the relief campaign will be children in particular. This is one of the reasons why the group of helpers is taking matters into their own hands. On the way back, the helpers will take war refugees with them.

The campaign is actively supported by other companies from Chemnitz: The Chemnitz Ratsapotheke provides medicines and bandages at purchase price, Selgros Chemnitz granted a 15% discount on the purchase of hygiene articles and food and gave batteries worth 500 euros as a donation on top. Two new buses were provided free of charge by Kraftbau GmbH.
We would like to thank the Ratsapotheke, Selgros and Kraftbau GmbH for the quick and uncomplicated help we received. Within two days we pulled out all stops and together we made this happen. That shows the social cohesion now. In this crisis we all stand together. That's the way it should be.
Community4you will keep record and illustrate the trip to the Ukraine on their social media profiles in order to spread the impressions from the crisis region. In this way, the company also wants to contribute to further promoting the willingness to donate.