Connected in Friendship

In view of the Russian attack, community4you decided in March to start its own relief campaign for the people of Ukraine. In cooperation with other partners, food, medicine and baby needs were transported to the Polish-Ukrainian border. On the way back, some refugees could be picked up and taken to safety.

After the reliev campaign in march, we stayed in touch with other voluntary aid groups.
Now community4you AG received a thank-you letter from Ukraine, addressed to CEO Uwe Bauch.
Thank-you letter from Ukraine to community4you

Dear Mr. Uwe Bauch!

We sincerely thank you for the distribution of food, medicines and other goods to our country, which we received from you during a time that is difficult for all of us after the treacherous attack of the enemy Russia on Ukraine.

We are very thankful:
the soldiers of the Lviv Peacekeeping Center,
the garrison of Lviv,
the garrison of Rivne,
the Christian Foundation "Anna-Maria",
the refugees from the eastern regions who found refuge in school No.1,
the doctors of the Lviv military hospital and
ordinary people in need.

Your help is a contribution to support people who are suffering under the Russian occupiers.

Good deeds do not go unnoticed, beacons are a sign for those awaiting help. We are sure that your example is a role model for other helpful people. By helping, you give not only material values, but hope that together we will overcome all difficulties.

May your kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold.

We wish you all the best, health, prosperity and warmth in your life.

God bless you!
Meanwhile, community4you is now also turning its attention to the refugees who have already arrived in Germany. At a business forum, community4you already signaled its willingness to integrate workers from the Ukraine if suitable candidates were found.