Charity Concert for Ukraine

On May 21st, a charity concert took place in the Chemnitz event center Luxor. The ticket proceeds go to projects for refugees from Ukraine in Chemnitz, as well as to the needy in Ukraine. Community4you supports the project with a donation.

Software manufacturer community4you from Chemnitz supported the charity concert in favor of Ukraine
The community4you CEO Uwe Bauch attended the charity concert - not empty-handed, but with a donation to the association Chemnitz helps Ukraine. The check for 1,000 euros should above all be a sign of solidarity, said Bauch at the handover.

In addition, Bauch delivered a greeting from Chemnitz Mayor Sven Schulze, the text of which we are publishing here:
Dear guests of the charity concert, dear volunteers, dear Ukrainian refugees,

The war in Ukraine has been raging for almost 3 months, a war unimaginable in the middle of Europe. A war that brings suffering and destruction to the Ukrainian people.

The desire for the end of violence, the end of death and annihilation, the desire for peace unites us.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with the many people who are fleeing to safe places, including Chemnitz, where so far more than 2,500 people, mainly women and children, have found a temporary home.

The wave of solidarity was also overwhelming for me as Lord Mayor. There are so many people who help, who donate, who accommodate refugees, organize aid transports, help with integration. That makes me proud, because it shows the good side of our society, the strength that can unite us even in suffering. Those were and are very strong symbols, very strong actions indeed. I would like to thank everyone for that including the helpers, volunteers and organizations such as "Chemnitz helps Ukraine", of course. I am happy that today's charity concert also contributes to further help and solidarity.

In Chemnitz we will continue to say welcome to everyone who needs and is looking for help. It goes without saying, that the city will continue to do its part.

Above all, however, is the desire for peace and a good future for the Ukrainian people. Because hatred, war and violence are not the right way - nowhere in history and nowhere in the world.

Sven Schulze
Mayor of the City of Chemnitz

Taking Social Responsibility seriously

Community4you had already started its own fundraising campaign in March. Food, medicine and hygiene items for Ukraine were bought, collected and even driven to the Ukrainian border. Since then, the Chemnitz company has been trying to integrate the Ukrainian refugees who have come to the city since the beginning of the war. In doing so, it hopes to set an example for other companies and individuals to take their social responsibility seriously.